Emergency & Weather Alerts

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Emergency Information at USA

If there were an emergency, this website would be updated frequently with instructions and information about the incident, campus services and resources available to the 168┐¬Ż▒═°community.

In an emergency that requires immediate help from police, fire fighters or medical technicians, call 911. You may also call the 168┐¬Ż▒═°Police Dept. at (251) 460-6312 to report an emergency, crime or suspicious activity on campus.

All members of the 168┐¬Ż▒═°community should take steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in an emergency. Know your role in an emergency and update your contact information with the university. If you or a friend needs assistance with a personal issue, seek help. 

Please be reminded that the only official sources of 168┐¬Ż▒═°weather and emergency information are university-wide email, the 168┐¬Ż▒═°Weather and Emergency Hotline at (251) 460-6999 and the university's emergency alert page.